What is Sigma Q (ΣQ®)?

Sigma Q (ΣQ®) employs a patented, proprietary, “charged packet” technology that uses electrical charges wrapped in a sound, bypassing the sensory nervous system. These charges are delivered inside the body for deep muscle activation, speeding up muscle recovery, improving strength, and providing drug-free pain relief.

SIGMA Q (ΣQ®) travels naturally through the body


To understand how Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology works, you first need to understand how your muscles work. The brain sends signals through the nervous system to make our muscles activate and perform. Within the nervous system, synapses are the structures that permit neurons (nerve cells) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to other neurons or the target efferent cell. The chemical that is transmitted is called acetylcholine. When a muscle is compromised, the damage impedes the brain’s ability to effectively send signals through the synapses to reach the muscle, reducing or minimizing this acetylcholine communication. This causes pain and inactive muscle tissue.

Sigma Q (ΣQ®) sends a specialized frequency deep into tissue at the motor neuron level. Effectively replicating natural neuromuscular activity, Sigma Q (ΣQ®) travels naturally through the body, while communicating with the brain to deliver the frequency to the areas where the body needs it most.


Faster recovery

Proven to reduce muscle recovery time by up to 50%. Allows for a faster return to an active lifestyle.



Improves muscle tone, prevents and repairs muscle atrophy, and re-enables movement.



Effortlessly trains and strengthens muscles in less time than ever before.

Muscle activation

Muscles are at their best when they are moving – or activated. This is why engaging in low-intensity exercise before and after workouts prevents soreness and helps you recover faster. Our technology makes it easier for your muscles to recover, grow and repair. With injury, sometimes a muscle is ready for recovery but the sensory nervous system gets in the way, causing excess pain and hindering movement. Until now, this roadblock has made deep tissue repair and rehabilitation almost impossible.


Sigma Q (ΣQ®) is currently available in two professional application systems that deliver the same level of treatment in two very different systems

Wet Application System

“Spa” units for medical therapy and rehab

  • Whole body treatment
  • Requires dedicated treatment location
  • Minimal practitioner support needed
  • Zoned area programing

Dry Application System

Mobile units for medical therapy and rehab

  • Area Specific
  • Compact/ easy to transport
  • Hands on treatment


What makes Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology so unique?

It speeds up muscle recovery and provides pain relief by activating the nerves, which in turn, activate the muscle tissue. It is a neurological technology (neurotherapy) that communicates with the brain and central nervous system vs. a topical treatment like massage, stim., lotions, laser, etc. that cannot enter the central nervous system.

How does a healthy muscle work?

Our bodies are made of multiple muscle groups which are controlled by the brain and communicated through the spine to motor neurons. The neurons communicate with the muscle group and when healthy, the related nerves naturally release/spray a chemical called Acetylcholine which maintains muscle activation. When the muscle group becomes fatigue, injured, or has incurred a surgery, the nerves become compromised and stop naturally communicating with the muscle. This minimizes the release of Acetylcholine and the muscle becomes deactivated.

How safe and proven is Sigma Q (ΣQ®)?

Completely safe. It was originally developed over 25 years ago by Dr. Roberto Ciaff who is a trained neurosurgeon under the National Healthcare System of the UK. It was first patented in 2001 and has received CE medical approval in Europe. Overall, Sigma Q (ΣQ®) has many years of clinical use by therapists of all kinds, supported by multiple research projects and medical approvals. A recent study with Auburn University showed Sigma Q (ΣQ®) reduced the muscle recovery time by 50%.

What is the difference between muscle activation vs. stimulation?

Stimulation is typically topical like lotions, electrical stimulation, laser & massage and has no ability to directly impact the nerve that impacts muscle activation. Activation happens only when the muscle and its related motor neurons (nerves) are communicating correctly. These nerves reside 1-3 inches inside the body and are hard to reach non-invasively. Exercise is actually a great way to activate muscle tissues internally.

Is Sigma Q (ΣQ®) a device company?

No, Sigma Q (ΣQ®) is a technology company. It uses a variety of hardware applications to deliver the signal into the body which can be used in both wet and dry formats. In a nutshell, Sigma Q (ΣQ®) is a software solution with several hardware applications. Some applications are designed for practitioners/therapists in the medical therapy industry and some are being developed for personal consumer use. Either way, the signal is provided via the Sigma Q (ΣQ®) Cloud network for practitioners to access.

How does someone get a treatment?

The Sigma Q (ΣQ®) website has a listing of current clinics where a person could receive a treatment. We are not in all states yet.

How does a practitioner obtain the Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology?

Practitioners can subscribe to the Sigma Q (ΣQ®) technology under our Practitioners Services Program (PSM). PSM is simple, low-cost program that requires no upfront capital expenditures and comes with everything the practitioner needs to treat patients and use the service. In addition, the PSM offers a 30-day free trial; if after 30 days, the practitioner and their patients do not like the service, just return the unit undamaged. Contact info@sigmaqtech.com for more information.

We believe in helping people perform and feel their best

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